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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Paging Sam Roth

When we first moved into our current place of residence, we received a phone call from someone looking for "Sam Roth," who I am not.  (For the record, neither is WOS.)  Over the next few days, we continued occasionally to get calls for Sam, so we drew the logical conclusion that Sam either occupied these premises we did, or at least he had this same phone number.  We explained to callers that Sam Roth was not at this number anymore, and that we had no knowledge of what Sam's new number was--indeed, we had no knowledge of Sam.  Eventually, the calls subsided.

Here's the thing, though: The calls never completely stopped.  Indeed, just this morning I got a phone call from someone looking for Sam Roth--or for "Lisa" (Sam's wife? Daughter? Pet ocelot?). What makes the situation strange--not to say disturbing--is that these aren't impersonal calls, as from some out-of-date marketing list.  I get the impression that these are people with some personal connection to Sam (and/or Lisa).  At the same time, though, how close can these folks be?  They're still calling a number that Sam Roth hasn't had in at least four years!

Does it occur to them that, if they haven't spoken to Sam in such a long time--and weren't given his new number--that Sam doesn't WANT to talk to them?  Of course, maybe they HAVE been in touch with Sam, and he's giving them his old number intentionally so as to cut off further communication!  In which case, I would just like to say:

Sam! Cut it out! It's getting annoying!

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